About AWC

The Australian Wagering Council Limited (AWC) was established in October 2012 as the peak industry body representing the interests of the online wagering and sportsbetting industry (including the betting exchange) in Australia.

Current membership of the AWC includes many of Australia’s most prominent and respected online wagering and sportsbetting companies.

The AWC:

  • provides a collective industry voice, through policy leadership and advocacy, to raise awareness amongst key stakeholders of the benefits of account-based online wagering and the contribution of the industry to Australia and the Australian community.
  • represents the interests of the Australian online wagering and sportsbetting operators and promotes the standing of the industry.
  • monitors public policy development processes including legislative and regulatory changes and engages actively with regulators and stakeholders to advocate and promote the key policy positions of the industry.
  • ensures members are kept informed of key developments on a broad range of issues that are strategically important to the wagering and sportsbetting industry.
  • encourages high standards of probity, integrity and corporate social responsibility within the wagering and sportsbetting industry through various means including the provision of consumer protection, responsible gambling and harm minimisation measures.
  • encourages member support for community initiatives and charities.

Benefits of using regulated and licensed AWC members

  • Consumer Protection – Provides consumers with the opportunity to wager online with highly regulated Australian operators who have stringent harm minimisation and responsible gambling measures in place.
  • Financial Contribution – Governments receive considerable financial benefit from the licensing and taxation of the wagering and sportsbetting industry which is channelled back into the community. 
  • Employment – Australian companies in the wagering and sportsbetting industry also create many thousands of jobs directly and indirectly.
  • Support for Racing and Sporting Codes – AWC members contribute product fees to Australian racing and sporting bodies for the use of their intellectual property.
  • Improved Integrity – AWC members have a zero tolerance policy to corruption in racing and sport and a long standing commitment to working closely with governments and major Australian sporting bodies to ensure their integrity obligations are fulfilled. Wagering operators have integrity agreements with all major racing and sporting bodies on which they offer wagering products. 
  • Improved Transparency – The information sharing framework of the integrity agreements between AWC members and the major Australian sporting bodies strengthens the ability to capture, monitor and share information with the codes where necessary to protect integrity.
  • Identification and Reporting –  Legalised and regulated account-based wagering makes it easier for reputable Australian wagering operators to identify and report unusual bets and suspicious betting patterns to authorities.