Policy & Representation

« The objective of policy should be the wellbeing of the community overall. This means that measures aimed at addressing the adverse impacts of legalised gambling need to be balanced against the sizeable benefits of gambling for recreational gamblers and the industry ».  Australian Productivity Commission Report on Gambling 2010.

Australian Wagering Council (AWC) members have collectively agreed to adhere to a number of key policy positions that are strategically important to the online wagering and sportsbetting industry. These include policies relating to responsible gambling, national standards for customer protection and harm minimisation, promotion of live odds, product fees, online gaming, in-play betting, delayed settlement and inducements.

The AWC is responsible for communicating these policy positions in discussions and interactions with all key stakeholders including federal and state/territory parliamentarians, government officials, broadcast industry, racing authorities, sports controlling bodies, the media and the community sector.

Through policy leadership and advocacy, the AWC encourages high standards of probity, integrity and social responsibility by our members and provides a collective industry voice to raise awareness amongst our key stakeholders of the importance of the industry and its contribution to the community.

The AWC regularly prepares submissions to reviews and inquiries undertaken by national, state and territory government agencies and industry bodies on a broad range of issues that are strategically important to the wagering and sportsbetting industry. These submissions, on behalf of our members, ensure the views of the industry are clearly articulated to government and other stakeholders. 

Copies of submissions prepared by the AWC and its members are available on this website.