It is essential that all policy development be based on robust research. The Australian Wagering Council (AWC) supports the need for further research to provide comprehensive data upon which to ensure evidence-based policies are developed for wagering and sportsbetting in the online environment. The following reports have been commissioned by the AWC and its members:

Harm Minimisation, Sports Integrity & Emerging International Practices in Online Gambling Regulation

A Benchmarking Study Comparing Australia’s Online Gambling Regulations to Leading International Regulated Jurisdictions (Gambling Compliance July 2014)Download(pdf)

Gambling Compliance: Gambling Advertising and Sport: A Comparison of Regulated Markets

Commissioned by the Australian Wagering Council to compare Australia’s current regulatory approach to gambling advertising in sport to the leading regulated sports betting markets in Europe. The comparison of leading European jurisdictions aims to assist in Australia’s examination of gambling advertising and its relationship to sport (Released March 2013)Download(pdf)

Deloitte Report: Optimal Product Fees Models for Australian Sporting Bodies

Commissioned by Sportsbet to consider alternative product fee arrangements for sporting bodies in Australia and the elements of an optimal agreement which provides mutual upside to both the sporting bodies and the wagering operators. (Released July 2012)Download(pdf)